What’s there for you and never washes away…~

If you’ve lost yourself wandering through overgrown thickets in the furthest possible woods ~ you can always turn around and somewhere you’ll find yourself looking at a recognizable smile – a smile that even if imagined can be found settling to you.
Even if you feel like your the smallest most unwanted exisiting thing on earth, its as if across the waters, mountains and deserts – spread across the world there’s always going to be something that cares for you.
All you orphans out there, and each and every one of you who have lost hope, stop the pendulum a moment and be a little less melodramatic. Its fun weaving life into one big drama, but honestly if you stop time for a short while, you realize that actually so many things are made difficult. Stop and thiink about it – theres a lot you can quit doing that so easily skatters your mind.
Forever more there will also be a constant stability in your family – you can run as far away as you like, but family is always going to chase after you. The tides may wash waves across the surface of the coast, sea shells may be pulled into the depths of the ocean, and yet always will remain the solid rocks below.
Basically, any intimidating thought that comes to mind, or anything that seems to be big and beyond your capability can be reined down, and there’s always going to be some sort of stable base beneath all your overpowering thoughts. No matter how hard the waves crash against the rocks, there’s a strength in everything.

Fool or Not?

In my oppinion i see myself as more of a Malvolio type person, im probably not so proud of that… but i hate to say its true. If i really think about it, i would be the sort of person who once in a while loves the sound of silence – instead perhaps, the sound of my own voice.

Although parties are fun, and can be a lively way of being with friends, making noise and generally laughing and smiling; listening to the wind and watching the stars is also a definite way of being me. Neither of the two characters really describes me or the personalities i have, i suppose im more of a combination of the two. Weighing both the characteristics however, i would probably lean slightly more towards Sir Toby’s side of the scale. Threatening people to be quiet probably wouldnt be my role, but wanting the silence – now that i can picture myself desiring.

Feste is, as everybody knows; a fool. Through the song he sings it shows that he obeys others wishes, he sings because he was asked to and in a certain way seems to want to please his audience. His lyrics also tie together the love that drifts throughout the story. Or, if not entirely bring together the love, then atleast weave a thread out of the uncertain links that already exist. So much of the tale consists of love and so his song relates to the scene rather well.

The lines 86 to about 96 are, through my eyes are rather amusing. The way Feste and Sir Toby continue in a rally of song lyrics is pretty funny. Especially how Malvolio speaks back to their burst of song so strictly. I can just picture how he stands, perfectly erect as if held up by a thread pulling him upwards, and his voice mocking that of a pope standing behind the altar. Those few lines represent the different characters so well, it could be funny.

Scene 2.3 is funny in some parts, and it brings some of the widely spread love closer together.

Sense the Freedom… the Feeling of Belonging…

Driving through a tunnel of trees winding further away from busy cities, people and cars and into the rolling hills of Austria, suddenly the imense castle walls of Burg Feistritz came into view… It was where i spent a part of each summer for the past years, and just like every time – there it stood, beckoning for my family and i to enter its ancient doors.

Such an enormous place, and yet the atmosphere seemed to change suddenly as my friends and family walked into the picture perfect courtyard. You may think that just because theres a big castle, in a perfect little forest somewhere in Europe, it all sounds like a fairytale; and it was, hypothetically. Usually it makes sense that, well, when imagining fairytales, everything seems magical, and just about anything can be done… The feeling of being secure, in a place where nothing can touch you: thats what a fairytale is supposed to be like. Being there… had the same feeling… of being able to do exactly what you want to do, just because it felt right. Somehow though, through all the magical feeling, there is always something completely uneseccary; sillyness. Still, its what everyone does just to have fun, without sillyness there would be nothing to look forward to. The real magic disappears if something completely out of the blue does not appear…

… and so, because i was younger – years younger, or perhaps simply because i wanted to enjoy myself, entirely give myself a thrill – something powerful to grip onto, a long time ago, my brother cousin and i ran through the castle grounds clad in native american outfits… it felt so right, just to be there, outside doing an absurd thing, to feel free and shoot those bows and arrows, pretend to be someone else, just to get away from ourselves for a while. We hid behind ancient standing trees and screamed as deer chased us throught the forest.

It was pure thrill and fun, it was an urge to keep going, to run on forever, just to stick with that feeling of “rightness”

Feeling safe in any place can be so satisfying, thats why we all run away sometimes, where we can act silly and be ourselves. =)

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